Our Story


Parents are now busier than ever, yet the desire to provide a nutritious foundation for their children remains the same. Little Pickins is all about empowering parents to give their young children healthy food, with ease and peace of mind.


Meet Jenn. She’s the Founder and Creator of Little Pickins.

It all started when my advocacy for healthy cooking combined with being a parent.

Since becoming a parent, I have always strived to provide nutritious food to my family, but I didn't realize how difficult it would be. If I was struggling to find the time to create well balanced meals that expanded my daughter’s palate, surely others were experiencing similar feelings. And there in my kitchen, with my daughter at my side, an idea was born.

I’m a proud working mom, Physician Assistant, certified natural foods chef, and now the founder of Little Pickins. I’ve always had an underlying passion for cooking and have known the importance of nutritious food from a young age. I grew up watching my Italian immigrant mother cook with fresh ingredients from the farmer's market to create flavorful, well-rounded meals. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was watching my cooking mentor teach me the pillars of nutrition, which were paramount in the creation Little Pickins.

Along with most other parents, I am challenged with having to balance a busy work schedule while providing healthy food for my family. Needing a trusted “go to” when I was too tired to make a meal from scratch and without having to compromise on nutritional value, I created the first delicious bites that would become Little Pickins.

With Love,


Meet Kelly. She’s Co-Founder and CEO of Little Pickins.

Every Sunday I would spend my day cooking and freezing. So much cooking and freezing.

All so that I’d have nutritious food ready-to-go for my son. As Jenn and I traded notes about creating food for our loves, we discussed the struggle of ensuring our kids had healthy food to eat and knew other parents must be feeling this same pain as well.

I grew up with meals being a cornerstone of family. It’s where my brothers asked our parents how babies are made and where I announced that I was accepted into graduate school. Real life stuff. The awkward to the proud and everything in between happened at that table. Life around the dinner table was tough to coordinate with my first, but when my second son was born all meal planning scattered to the wind. Two kids under two threw me for a loop. I struggled to find time to be a mom of two, a career woman, oh and that little thing called a wife. Little Pickins is my way of helping to bring the dinner table back to life for busy families of young children.

My background includes a mix of corporate and creative. I have worked for years in two large multinational management consulting companies, while video blogging on the side. Inspired by the vision of Little Pickins, it was time for me to jump the corporate ship and get back to my roots; food and family. I want to make parents lives just a little bit easier and fill precious, little bellies with the nutrients they need.

With Love,